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Bamberg is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to its thousand year history as an imperial and Episcopal city. There are 2,000 statues dispersed throughout the city and turn everything into a piece of art. A well-preserved tradition of beer brewing gives Bamberg a refreshing taste.

  • Imperial Cathedral: In the heart of the city, the cathedral houses the tomb of Emperor Heinrich II and his wife Kunigunde, as well as the tomb of Pope Clemens II.
  • Old Town Hall: The building with its ornate frescos sits on top of a bridge across the River Regnitz.
  • New Residence: Magnificent sandstone building that used to be the residence and seat of government of the prince-bishops of Bamberg.
  • Blooming Bamberg: English park “Hain,” the rose garden, the Michelsberger Garden, and the castle grounds of Seehof will be the location of the annual state garden show in 2012.
  • Little Venice: Former fishermen’s quarter with a medieval atmosphere. Tightly clustered half-timbered houses are in the summer set against the background of the “Sandkerwa,” the big local fair.
  • Diocesan Museum: Valuable treasure chamber, large collection of liturgical vestments.
  • Alte Hofhaltung Estate: Medieval center of the former imperial and Episcopal palace.

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