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Every year, the Richard Wagner Music Festival brings visitors from all over the world to Bayreuth’s magnificent castles and parks.

  • Margravial Opera House (UNESCO World Heritage site): Most beautiful Baroque era theater in Europe; was the favorite project of the Margrave Wilhelmine, one of the most important women of the 18th century. Site of numerous music festivals throughout the year.
  • New Castle: Former city residence or the margraves; Rococo building with palm tree room, broken mirror cabinet, and Italian building.
  • Hermitage: Historical park of European significance. Especially worth seeing are the old castle, the orangery and sun temple and four-housed chariot, upper pond and lower grotto with fountains.
  • Festival Theater: Built by Richard Wagner exclusively for the performance of his music. Is considered to be one of the grandest opera buildings in the world; fantastic acoustic.
  • Art Museum: Important collection of print graphics of the 20th century.
  • State Gallery in the New Castle: Features important pieces of European late Baroque-era art.
  • Richard Wagner Museum: The museum is located in the House Wahnfried, the former residence of Richard Wagner. The exhibits highlight the life and work of the famous composer, as well as the history of the music festival.

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