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Discover the Treasures along the Banks of the Main River

The “blue band” flows through Franconia and an area called Hessian Lower Main Region.

This beautiful countryside was once ruled by powerful kings, emperors, and princebishops. Medieval fortresses, magnificent castles, enormous cathedrals, and historical towns bear witness to the glorious past and are highlights of German cultural heritage.

The Main River is 524km long. Its sources - the Red Main and the White Main - add another 120km to that total. The Main River winds its way through the Fichtelgebirge Mountains in the East to its confluence with the Rhine River in the West. It is surrounded by fairy tale forests, beautiful low mountain ranges, and the luscious vineyards of Franconia.

Franconia is considered to be the heart of Germany because it is a 30,000km² “miniature version” of the country. The beautiful landscape is enhanced by its cultural treasures. Proud fortresses greet from atop their lonely perches and Franconian towns, such as Bayreuth, Würzburg, Bamberg, Kulmbach or Aschaffenburg, warmly welcome their visitors. During a visit, you will be submerged into the rich history and a surprisingly rich cultural heritage.

The area is known for its great hospitality. You are offered the best regional cuisine, you will be spoiled by superb Franconian wine and locally brewed beers, and you will experience great service geared toward making you feel a home.

A trip along the Main River, from its sources to its mouth at the Rhine River, is an invitation to a journey back into history.
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